In our projects we maintain close cooperation with our customers. Here is an excerpt from some of our projects:

armasuisse - Federal Office for Defence Procurement, Berne
ref-gov The internal control system of armasuisse had to be expanded by an audit trail.
Our team was commissioned to create the design and implement the solution so that authorized users can track any change.
Realisation: 2016

armasuisse real estate operates a portal to share documents with partner companies. The portal had to be replaced by an easy-to-use and maintainable solution.
We implemented the new SharePoint-based portal. The partners can now register and use immediately after approval by armasuisse.
Realisation: 2015

Swiss Federal Office of Justice, Berne
ref-gov The Swiss criminal register is being rebuilt due to legal changes and technology renewal.
We support the Federal Office of Justice in business analysis and requirements engineering for the new system.
Realisation: 2015 – 2017

The Federal Office of Justice maintains a test center to ensure all changes for the standard workplace office automation.
We were able to support the Federal Office in the planning and implementation of the test management.
Realisation: 2013 – 2016

Swiss Federal Department of Justice and Police, Berne
ref-gov The general secretariat of the Swiss Federal Department of Justice and Police has worked out an organization guide with processes of the integration management.
We have implemented the organization guide into our process management software iKNOW where the process landscape, the processes and all related documents are available to the users. Furthermore, we made an integration of a central Outlook inbox to our order management software iKNOW, where incoming orders are automatically routed to the corresponding process.
Realisation: 2012
KPT / CPT - Insurance, Berne
ref-gov KPT / CPT Insurance planned to introduce a new offer system that automates the whole process from ordering until delivering a contract to the customer.
Our task was to review the planned service architecture. We made a proof of concept and have implemented the service layer based on Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation.
Realisation: 2013
Swiss Life - Insurance, Zurich
ref-swisslife For the new release of the pension fund system, Swiss Life was looking for support of experienced database engineers.
We made analysis on the portal database. As result, we have implemented performance optimisation on Microsoft SQL Server, Entity Framework and WCF services.
Realisation: 2014
Vigier Rail - Railway Sleepers Manufacturer, Müntschemier
ref-gov Vigier Rail produces railway sleepers in Switzerland. The quality management was based on Microsoft Excel. Vigier Rail was looking for an easy-to-use and automated solution.
With the quality team, we have developed a web-based solution. The quality measurement data is either entered manually or automatically imported from the production system. An online visualization is available for reporting purposes. The reports can also be exported to Excel.
Realisation: 2009