Process Management and Risk Management

Visualize processes and risks in the simplest way!

Modeling and documenting was never as easy as now with Vizi Modeler. Vizi Modeler is a BPM Suite that smoothly integrates with Microsoft Office products. This BPM Suite supports the process owner to draw processes in Microsoft Visio, document them, add measurement variables and assign roles. When it is done, the process owner can publish the processes on BPM portal in Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint on premise or even on a file share. Therefore this allows the employee to be part of the processes and easily navigate on the portal along the processes, by even making some comments and suggestions. 

In the risk management of BPM Suite,  the risk manager can record the risks and define controls which must be covered by the process owners in the processes. As a result, this will show the risk control matrix of the company and limit the risks.


Increase the productivity of your employees through a new form of cooperation!

As Microsoft partner, we advise you in possible application scenarios and help you integrate the best solution for your company.

Office 365 provides a variety of products in different combinations. For example, you can use Outlook with Exchange for email, calendar, tasks, and contact management. In addition, use SharePoint to share project files between employees or interact with customers and suppliers. you can even use Yammer as a social network for your company.

Instead of the online services of Office 365 you can use the Microsoft Office products locally or in your own data center. 


Use apps as little helpers that will support you in your everyday life!

We develop these small helpers for mobile phones or tablets together with your developer team.

You will be amazed at how easy your  specific corporate data can be made available to your mobile workers.

Business Applications 

Take advantage of business applications that are tailored to your business!

We develop tailor-made software components for you or together with your developer team and we integrate them into your business applications. This allows you to optimize the business processes that contribute to larger business success.


Use demand-oriented computing power!

We will assist you in the selection, development and implementation of cloud services that meet your needs.

Microsoft Azure provides a collection of services that let you choose the right ones as long as you need them.


Get data from your business even more! 

Our goal is to assist you in the optimization and development of databases on the Microsoft SQL Server platform. By optimizing the database, you will receive an added value in a shorter time.