Artis started in 1995 as a family business selling windows openers beside providing IT services. In 2008, with Software engineering skills, the two brothers decided to transform the family business into a software development company. Artis then became an IT consultancy company providing software development to companies as well as building cloud software and business support services. In 2016, fascinated with cloud software development, one of the brothers has taken over the company as the main owner. Today, with a limited number of employees, Artis itech has kept the same values with the objective to extend its limits and build a solid relationship with new partners.

Our Mission

We strengthen your core competency by optimizing existing tools and adding new ones where it is appropriate and necessary. We analyze the existing environment and provide you with solutions for a gradual expansion and development.

We take into account your investments already made and show you how you can use them even more effectively. We see ourselves as a partner where the teamwork is at forefront in order to realize your solution together.

Our focus is on the sustainability of your business solutions.

As external experts, we support you in the successful implementation of your software projects.


We are a Swiss company that has set itself the goal of creating added value for the business of our customers. We are proud to support our customers in the implementation of business solutions. Depending on the project, we work with selected partners in order to realize the best possible solution together. Sustainable solutions will be created only with a well-functioning and motivated team.

Thomas Isenegger


“I have always been convinced that information technology should help us to do the right things right.”

Diane Isenegger

Marketing Manager | Chief Administrative Officer

“As marketing manager, I believe that cultural differences, diversity and exchange as well as sharing information and ideas can only lead us to satisfy our customer needs and wants.”